Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Portable Vaporizer

Vaporizers, in general, are designed to release active ingredients in various herbs and plant products through the process of vaporizing. For convenience, they are built to be portable. It’s a highly uncomplicated device. However, buying or choosing one would be a highly complicated process. A smoker who wishes to switch to vaping or even an experienced vaper would find the number of varieties available a bit overwhelming. To someone who has no clear idea of what he’s looking for, the task of choosing a particular model or brand would be confusing.

There are a lot of factors to consider simply because not all vaporizers are built the same. Some devices are more efficient than others. Others are affordable while the rest may be priced higher for a reason. While these devices are generally portable, they do vary in sizes. Some vaporizers are conveniently smaller. A lighter device is great for carrying around but there are some people who actually prefer to go for bulkier types since it provides them with an easier grip. The choices are as varied as the preferences of consumers. For that reason, it’s technically hard to pin down which device can be considered as the best portable vaporizer. Owing to the fact that consumer preferences vary, what one person may consider as the best may not be the perfect choice for another.

As with other types of common consumer devices, it’s difficult to create a single model that has all the features every person needs. Instead of doing that, manufacturers chose to produce a variety of vaporizers with different sets of features. This sounds like a convenient plan. However, due to the vast number of choices available nowadays, first time vapers are likely to have a difficult time choosing which device works best for them.

If you are among those people who have no idea where to start, then this guide is for you. Before you enter any store or start browsing through random sellers online, you have to have an idea as to what kind of vaporizer you want or need. As of now, you’re probably thinking any device will do just as long as it’s effective and portable. Technically, if you’re not particular about getting the best value for your money, you can easily purchase the first vaporizer you see in any store. Generally, all vaporizers are portable and they are mainly designed to vaporize herb and plant products. However, their level of efficiency and durability varies. That’s why you need to consider several important factors if you want to get the best deal for your money.

Speaking of which, the first thing you need to keep in mind when buying a vaporizer is your budget. Think of how much money you’re willing to spend. Apart from minimizing the chances of overspending, setting a budget also helps you narrow down your choices. Once a budget is set, you’ll just need to look at whatever choices you have left at a certain price range. You won’t need to bother browsing through random items that go way beyond your budget.

Vaporizers nowadays fall in to three different types of price categories: entry-level, mid-range, and high end. Entry-level vaporizers seldom exceed the $119 price range while the cheapest mid-range vaporizers can go as low as $199. Finally, vaporizers that are priced more than $200 belong to the high-end range.

Entry-Level Vaporizers

If you are new to vaping, your best option would be to try out entry-level devices. These vaporizers are affordable and would still provide you with the same experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Browsing through entry-level vaporizers is a good starting point. It allows you to gain enough experience to help you choose better as to what type of vaporizer you want to have before you purchase something more expensive. Most of these models cost less than $100 to $120. So as long as you don’t settle for a questionably cheap device coming from a shady vendor, you’ll still end up with one that produce good quality vapor. If you get hooked on these vaporizers, there’s a huge chance that you will end up upgrading to a more expensive vaporizer that will enhance the vaping experience for you.

Entry Level Vape

Apart from spending less money, entry-level vaporizers are also perfect for newbies as they are simpler to use. These vaporizers allow the user to control the temperature with a push of a button. Most of them are affordable since they only require a lighter flame to vaporize. However, some devices that require the use of a lighter may make it harder for the user to regulate temperature. In such case, it often takes practice for the user to master how to even out the temperature so as not to burn the herbs. On the other hand, these vaporizers that are lit up using a lighter may come in handy for users who find it a chore to constantly remember to charge their vaporizing devices.

Mid-range Vaporizers

Vapers who want to try something a little more advanced than the average entry-level vaporizer but are still hesitant to spend too much money on a higher end unit can settle for a mid-range vaporizer. These vaporizers are built with a more sophisticated design, are easier to use but are still relatively affordable. Given their more sophisticated design, some mid-range vaporizers may appear bulkier and therefore less portable than entry-level vaporizers. However, most models are still handy enough to fit inside a pocket.

Mid Level Vape

High-end Vaporizers

Vapers who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best can never go wrong with high end vaporizers. These vaporizers are expensive for a reason. Anyone who is willing to leash out money to enjoy several additional perks and features will find that high-end vaporizers are indeed a great investment. These models provide the highest quality vapor and are built using highly sophisticated and portable designs. Aside from that, most of these vaporizers are also highly durable. In fact, one of the most common reasons why they are expensive is due to the type of material used to build their bodies. Most models are built from aluminum, which makes the vaporizer durable yet still light enough to be handy. These vaporizers are also easy to use.

All in all, the choices are continuously increasing in the market. While it’s difficult to look for a single universal vaporizer that would suit every vaper’s taste and preferences, there are definitely many types of vaporizers that would complement the varying demands and needs of different vapers. Each model has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. So, before buying one, it’s best to consider those things first. Even if the person decides to buy the cheapest entry-level vaporizer, knowing its features is still an important thing since it helps the buyer get the best deal for his money.

The pros and cons may also vary from one buyer to another. For some people, the features don’t really matter so as long as it’s affordable. On the other hand, there are people who don’t care about the price just as long as they end up with the models that have the sleekest design or the most sophisticated features.

If you are new to vaping, your best choice is to try out the cheapest models just to get a taste of how it’s like. It’s a better option than spending a lot of money right away. After all, you still need to gauge what type of features best suit your personality as well as your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an upgrade or a replacement, you can go for mid-range to higher end models. If you’ve been vaping for some time, then you probably have a solid idea about what type of vaporizer you prefer to have. This is also the perfect time for you to invest on something durable since you are likely to use it for long.

If you want to treat yourself with something fancy and are lucky enough to have the means to do so, you can spoil yourself a bit and browse through the choices available at the higher end spectrum of vaporizers. Chances are, these models are more durable and efficient. However, just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. You also need to look into its features and quality. If you are going to spend a lot of money, make sure that what you’re buying is really worth its price.

Whatever you do, just make sure to buy a vaporizer that suits you. Don’t purchase anything just because it’s popular or new. Sometimes, it may be a good idea not to buy in to the hype. Not all products actually live up to your expectations. If you want to be safe, ask for advice from people you trust. Ask for recommendations from your friends and not from a salesperson or from an ad.

Some of the Strangest and Freaky-Looking Contact Lenses for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike. Granted that watching kids on a sugar-high running around the neighborhood is a bit scary, but dressing up in elaborate costumes, putting on creepy makeup, and setting up fancy special effects to give the neighborhood children a nice scare is quite exciting.

Neighborhood Halloween

One of the fun and artistic aspects of putting on a Halloween costume is the wide selection of colored contact lenses that can match your outfit. With the advent of Halloween contact lenses, otherwise known as special effects or costume lenses, anyone with an affinity for wearing elaborate and flamboyant costumes during Halloween can make their outfits even more terrifying and authentic.

Reptile Contact Lens

There are literally hundreds of different colored contact lens designs to choose from. Some are subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, while others are rather freaky and strange that they are absolutely perfect for Halloween. One of these strange contact lenses is the Mesh Contact Lens. This type of contact lens is quite popular among cosplayers and Halloween enthusiasts. Its clever design completely alters your appearance, giving you a strange and mysterious look. The lens covers the cornea (the colored part of the eye) including the pupil, but it still allows you to see through the holes in the mesh. If your intention is to look freaky and strange this coming Halloween, the mesh design contact lens is perfect for you.

White lenses are another freaky, but beautiful, Halloween contacts that may fit in perfectly with your costume. It’s an all white contact lens with a tiny black dot at the center. If you watch zombie movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead, then you’ve probably seen these contact lenses. Catching someone staring at you with those eyes is kind of freaky and terrifying, don’t you agree? Wearing these for Halloween will definitely help you stand out from the rest. Industrial rocker Marilyn Manson also wears white lenses in one eye to match his grotesque gothic makeup.

If a pair of white contact lens gives you a zombie-like look, black contact lenses provide an aura of mystery and strangeness. Instead of the natural color of your iris, this contact lens design merges the natural blackness of your pupils and transforms the cornea into a black hole that will mesmerize everyone you talk to at the party, creating a truly mystical and freaky look.

In addition to colored contact lenses that completely transform your natural eye color into something out of the ordinary, there are contact lens designs though that adds a bit of a twist and fun into the already strange nature of Halloween contact lenses. A good example would be an 8-ball imprint on your cornea, or a bloody razor, a smiley face, the ace of spades perhaps, or even a tiny cross. There are a variety of contact lens designs that can make your overall appearance even more freaky and strange.

Zombie Costume And Contacts

If you already have a costume for the Halloween, getting a good pair of colored contact lenses will only add authenticity and appeal to the look you are trying to achieve. Freak out your friends with a pair of blood red, white, or black contact lenses. And if you’re looking to meet new people, the freakish nature of your eyes can be a good conversation starter.

Creative and Witty Costume Ideas for Halloween

Although children enjoy trick-or-treating and dressing up like princesses and superheroes on Halloween, most adults are quite enthusiastic about this particular holiday as well, especially when it comes to picking out the perfect costume to wear to an office party or masquerade ball. Believe it or not, most people these days spend a significant amount of time fixing their costumes, while some sit in front of their computers browsing through website after website to find the perfect get-up.

Cute Halloween Costumes For Kids

If you feel like every Halloween costume you can think of has already been taken and used many times over, there are a few creative costume ideas you might find interesting and worth considering. For instance, guys can go as a snake charmer – with a twist. Find an Aladdin-like costume complete with baggy pants and a small cap or turban. Then, find a stuffed or rubber snake and attach it to a long wire to make it stiff but poseable. Insert and secure the snake in the front of your pants with at least half of its body sticking out. Bring a flute with you as you mingle with the people at the party and expect to hear some giggles and laughter from your friends and colleagues.

For the ladies, especially those who are expecting and are really showing, a Miss Conception costume is not only fun but easy to pull off as well. Put on the most elegant dress you have, but an old prom dress might suffice. Make sure it’s comfortable and appropriate for your current condition, though. Primp yourself up just like a beauty pageant contestant would, and don’t forget your hair and lots of makeup. If you’re having trouble finding dresses that fit you, you can visit your local thrift store. They might have one that fits your current size. Finally, make a sash that says “Miss Conception” and wear it like a beauty pageant contestant. If you’re not pregnant, you stuff a pillow under your dress to give an impression of a pregnant woman.

If you want to go to your Halloween party in style, perhaps you should consider going as a Rock Star like Marilyn Manson or a Pop Star like Lady Gaga. Marilyn Manson is one of the most recognizable rock stars in the music industry, mainly because of his weird outfits, gothic makeup, and sinister mismatched eyes. If you want to go as Marilyn Manson, wear a pair of black pants (or dig up your old black leather pants from college), a black shirt, a black coat, and have your spouse or girlfriend paint your face with gothic makeup.

Marilyn Manson

Search Marilyn Manson images online so you’ll have an accurate reference on what he looks like. Buy a good quality contact lens for a more accurate look. Manson normally wears an all white contact with a black outer ring on his left eye.

If you wish to dress as Lady Gaga, on the other hand, just wear the wackiest, out of this earth, extravagant outfit you can think of and your friends will probably get the impression of the Lady Gaga ensemble rather quickly. Put on a pair of unique contact lenses to complete the get-up.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

There is no shortage of Halloween costume ideas. You just have to be creative and industrious to pull off a good costume that your friends and colleagues will find funny and exciting. A well-thought of costume, matched with a good pair of Halloween contact lenses, will surely make you the star of the evening; if not the most menacing and terrifying.

Costume Styles and Ideas for First Time Cosplayers

Cosplay, or costume play for short, is an event where fans of a particular series or entertainment genre dress up as their favorite character. Fans of films, science fiction, horror, comic books, videogames, and superhero sagas often participate in conventions that celebrate their respective genres; from videogames conventions to comic conventions, otherwise known as comic-con.

Elizabeth Cosplay

There are many different types of conventions that fans can participate in, and one of the most popular are anime conventions held in various countries around the world. Anime conventions feature panels of different voice actors, artists, and anime illustrators. Local and foreign musical bands also grace the stage in such conventions, as well as a plethora of attractions dedicated to different anime franchises. Enthusiasts can browse and buy different items, collectibles, and memorabilia of their favorite anime characters.

Templar Assassin Cosplay

Having the opportunity to dress up as your favorite character or superhero is one of the aspects that draw a huge number of people to cosplay events and conventions. All kinds of people from different social classes, profession, and age bracket can have fun and enjoy each other’s company without judgment or prejudice. This is what makes such events so much fun and exciting, meeting new people from other parts of the country with the same level of enthusiasm and affinity for costume playing as you.

One of the most popular styles in anime conventions and cosplay events that you may want to consider using this coming Halloween is the Gothic Lolita look. This particular style originated from Japan. Gothic Lolita focuses on a modern Victorian look, which is rather popular in different cosplays and conventions around the world. Some of the aspects that make up a Gothic Lolita style may include short Victorian dresses, fishnet stockings, petticoats, parasols, bustles, and large head dresses or hats. As the term “gothic” suggests, the Gothic Lolita style usually has a black and white motif.

Dressing up as an anime character is not a bad idea. In fact, one of the most emulated characters in many conventions and cosplays are from different Japanese anime series such as Sailor Moon, Naruto, Trigun, Death Note, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, and Gundam Wing. A Sailor Moon costume, which includes a pleated short skirt, a white button-down shirt with a red bow in the middle, and a scepter is actually a great costume idea. All you will need now is the appropriate hairstyle.

To complete your outfit, and to make it look more authentic and fun, you should consider getting a pair of special effects contact lens to match your costume. As the anime character Sailor Moon, you will need to have those big blue eyes that she possesses. Obviously, not everyone is born with that kind of intense blue eyes; so the best solution is to buy a good quality contact lens that resembles those of the animated character. This will make your overall look more convincing.

Cosplay Contact Lens

There are many contact lens designs to choose from. Choosing the perfect pair depends on the type of costume you’re planning to wear. Whether you’re going out as an anime character, your favorite comic book hero, or an awesome videogame character, donning a pair of contact lenses will surely give your costume an aura of authenticity and uniqueness.

What to Expect after You Start Wearing Contact Lenses

If it’s your first time to try wearing contact lenses to enhance your vision, you might want to read up on the possible scenarios that you may end up in just so you’ll know what to expect.

Trying To Wear Contacts

If you’ve recently decided to get a prescription from an eye specialist in order to finally correct whatever problems you have with your eyesight then congratulations, you are now on your way to seeing the world more clearly. However, before you do start enjoying the benefits, you’ll need to endure around two to four weeks wherein you will have to wear your new pair of contact lenses for extended periods during the day to allow your eyes to adjust to it well. This is known as the break-in period. Usually, the more rigid the pair of contact lenses you have, the longer it will take for your eyes to adjust. That’s why it usually takes lesser time for soft kinds of contact lenses to break in.

 How To Clean Contacts

Apart from allowing your eyes to adjust to these devices, you also need to get used to cleaning your lenses regularly. If you want to minimize your risk of getting infections then you should make it a habit to disinfect your contact lenses on a daily basis. The level of maintenance you need to follow depends on the type of lens that you have. Minimal care is required for disposable extended-wear soft lenses. On the other hand, you’ll need to exert more effort in cleaning conventional soft lenses.

Along with the prescription, your doctor or contact lens provider will usually provide you with directions on how to go about proper lens care. If they forget to hand it to you, you can simply ask for it. The process is actually simple. All you need to do is to soak the lenses in its solution. The solution needs to be replaced every day. The case in which you keep your lenses should be replaced at least once every three months. Also, remember to check the solution’s expiration date. This should be easily visible in the solution’s packaging or box. The expiration date should be among the first things that you should check when you buy a pair of contact lenses.

Contact lenses are generally a good choice for you if you are able to tolerate the maintenance involved in wearing them. Apart from that, you should also be patient enough to bear a slight discomfort during the break-in period. If you are able to do that, the break-in period will go by quickly and you will grow accustomed to wearing contact lenses and eventually they won’t feel like a nuisance at all.

Wear Glasses

On the other hand, you might want to reconsider wearing contact lenses if you are not willing to go through the routine of disinfecting them every day. Aside from that, you might want to stick to wearing glasses if you suffer from other medical conditions such as arthritis, hyperthyroidism, asthma, hyperthyroidism, and other problems that will make it more difficult for you to wear contact lenses.

Valuable Eye Care Tips for the Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is pretty exciting. The entire process itself is something a lot of people look forward to in every year. This is practically one of those occasions where kids and adults alike are caught up preparing for the same thing — Halloween parties. It’s a tradition that comes as a treat for people of all ages. Every year, the costumes get more daring and exotic. A lot of people play up their looks with different kinds of gimmicks. The use of bizarre and out-of-this-world contact lenses has become a trend especially during this time of the year. If you have always wanted to try out using colored contacts Halloween is the best time to do so. However, if you do want to try them out or have already started using them, you have to remind yourself to observe proper eye care as well as to take the necessary precautions to protect your precious peepers.

If you want to join the bandwagon and try out this highly sought after Halloween accessory then you have to make sure that you know well enough about the serious safety risks involved in using them. Knowing the dangers that they pose towards your eye health prompts you to be extra careful about wearing them.

Technically, contact lenses are a pair of lightweight plastics that are designed to focus light onto the retina thus improving the wearer’s vision. In some cases, contact lenses are considered a better alternative to wearing glasses. Aside from added convenience, they also offer several advantages to the person using it. However, not all contact lenses are made of similar materials. Some contact lenses are made using more potentially dangerous materials than others. Novelty or cosmetic lenses, for instance, are made using a combination of materials that may not be suitable for long term use. If you plan to try using these types of contact lenses, you have to be wary about how long is it safe for you to use them. If you intend to use them only for a night, then the only thing you need to worry about is whether they are clean or not. When wearing contact lenses, you have to make sure that your eyes are well moisturized and primed for the occasion. Since you are likely to wear these contact lenses for several hours, make sure that they are fitted properly to avoid any discomfort.

Finally, make sure to purchase only FDA-approved lenses from a reliable seller. Remember, no Halloween costume is worth gambling your perfect vision or stellar eye health over.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract and Its Potential Health Benefits

The fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia is originally used in certain regions of Southeast Asia as a traditional medicine, as well as for adding flavor in various local cuisines. However, most of the people of the western world and the netizens have come to know the fruit as an appetite suppressant and a fat burning dietary supplement. To no one’s surprise, Garcinia Cambogia extract has garnered a huge market in the health foods industry.

Peeled Mangosteen

Garcinia Cambogia, sometimes called Gambooge for short, is a small pumpkin-like fruit and a close relative to the purple mangosteen, otherwise known as Garcinia Mangostana. Various clinical research have shown that the extract derived from the fruit has some fat burning and appetite suppressing properties, music in the ears for someone who wants to lose weight.

Some of the known health benefits attributed to hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the active chemical found in the fruit, include an increased production of serotonin, which helps reduce stress, inhibits the fat production process, helps your body to metabolize sugars and carbohydrates more efficiently, allows you to sleep better at night, and of course, it suppresses the appetite.

By promoting a more efficient metabolic system, HCA extract will essentially keep your body from accumulating harmful cholesterol levels. The increased serotonin levels will help eliminate stress and elevate your mood, ideal for many emotional eaters and for people who have an uncontrollable knack for binge eating. In effect, by taking a daily dose of Garcinia Cambogia extract, you will not only lose weight, but be a lot healthier as well.

But how do know if the product is legit and not a counterfeit? How do you know what’s the best brand for Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements? With the overwhelming number of products in the market, how do choose one that is safe and effective?

For the Garcinia Cambogia supplement to be effective, it has to be made from 100% pure extract. The HCA levels should be at least 60%, look for it on the label. To ensure that it is safe for daily consumption, always remember to check the ingredients. They shouldn’t include fillers, binders, or any other artificial additives.

Finally, you may also want to do a little research about the company that manufactured the product before you go all in. Go online to check and see if the manufacturer is legit and trustworthy. Read consumer testimonies and reviews to know more about the product and its effectiveness as a weight loss agent. To maximize the health benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia extract, always make sure that it is authentic and manufactured according to US standards.